Feline Knockout

Keskustelua Major- ja EuroTour-tasoisista sekä muista ulkomailla järjestettävistä kisoista.


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Liittynyt: Pe 15 Elo 2014, 0:49
Oikea nimi: Kristian Sønningdal

Feline Knockout

Viesti Kirjoittaja KristianS » Pe 15 Elo 2014, 0:57

Hello my dear fins!

I hope I'm putting this in the correct forum and category.

I welcome you finnish ladies and their respective gentle men to attend this years Feline Knockout.

Feline Knockout is an all female discgolf tournament played in Stovner, Oslo in Norway.

Its a one day format with 2 rounds and a final. The tournament will be played on Saturday 4th October. On Sunday there will be held a mixed doubles tournament on Forsheimer discgolfpark wich is just a little stretch from Stovner. This is where the men can come in after being awesome caddies for the ladies the day before!

More info can be found at: http://felineknockout.wordpress.com/

See ya!

With kind regards, Kristian Sønningdal.