Website for this year’s Copenhagen Open 2006 launched!

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Sinus Frank

Website for this year’s Copenhagen Open 2006 launched!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Sinus Frank » Ke 29 Maalis 2006, 17:30

We invite all foreign players to play in the most ambitious Danish Disc Golf-tournament ever! The tournament is actually 3 tournaments in 1 and you have the possibility to participate in two of them in the same (prolonged) weekend. Friday, may 12th there is “Danish Double Championships”, which are also open for foreign players. Saturday, may 13th there is “Challenge Tour”, which is the “amateur” part of the tournament, that are aimed for Danish players with handicap poorer than 10. In this tournament foreign players are evaluated for participation.
The main event is the “Danish Disc Golf Tour”, that runs for two days: Saturday, may 13th and Sunday, may 14th, which are aimed for the pro players around the world. We guarantee at least 120 Euro in first prize in open division!
On Saturday there are also a putting competition, where you can win a Ching Skill Shot portable basket (value approx. 200 Euro) and CTP- and HIO-competitions during the rounds.
You also have the privilege to use your breaks to watch top class Ultimate during the weekend, since the biggest European Ultimate-tournament “Wonderful Copenhagen Ultimate” takes place in the same park – on the same dates! WCU hosts over 700 players spread out on 32 open teams and 16 women teams.
Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in one of the biggest combined disc sports-weekends in the world. Register NOW and read all about the tournament on the website